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Jack one of our young people from the venue drop-in.


“I enjoy going to gap because I can meet new people and I know I’m surrounded by people who listen to me and not judge.
Every time I go to gap I feel supported as I can speak to the wonderful members of staff and volunteers who are always polite and always encouraging to everyone. The staff and volunteers check up on us via phone calls and text messages to make sure all is well while gap has been closed during lockdown, I am glad I have had someone still to talk to and someone to listen to me who understands, just want to say a huge thank you to all the staff and volunteers at gap. It's been hard times for all us young people but gap have made it a lot easier, many thanks”

Baz one of our young people from the venue drop-in.


"Gap has helped me socially as you meet new people everyday. The staff are polite, kind and very talkative which is great. The members of staff are always looking at ways to improve the programme and always asking and listening to what us young people have to say. "

Fairfax have been working with Headspace for over 2 years now. They have filled a gap for us to support our Young People who are struggling with anxiety, mental health issues and well -being.
It is known that young people face an increasing number of challenges and, sadly, the support available for them is thinly stretched. Headspace have been there for our young people and have supported many over the years to improve their sense of well- being and improve outcomes for them. The workers see our students on a weekly basis but are also available for them at their drop in in the local high street. We meet regularly with Zabrina and David to discuss the impact and caseloads. Our students, because of intervention, have improved sense of self- worth, improved behaviours and improved relationships at home. 

We cannot praise them enough for their support, professionalism and genuine dedication to the Young people in our school and community. 

"The gap* has helped me a lot over the past few months and has been a major contribution to my personal growth since I came to Walsall Studio School in year 10. My support worker has always been there for me during our weekly sessions whether it’s a session full of laughter to allow me to de-stress for the day and lift my mood or to help me accept things about myself that I couldn’t bring myself to do on my own. She has really helped me open up and become more accepting of my feelings and made me into a better person."

"The gap* has helped me a lot to explore my problems and has contributed a lot to helping me explore my issues at home. I just wish I had a bit longer due to my mocks interfering with the sessions so I missed out on a lot of them. I never managed to find out any coping mechanisms but I really enjoyed the sessions because they were fun and I was able to get a lot off of my chest."

Well what can I say... you have been a great mentor for me through applying for work on numerous occasions and supported me through grief and challenges of my own mental health and well being. Always went the extra mile to see me smile again. J

A positive influence on my life and I am so thankful for all you do! You have not only helped me but my family too! Woohoo go gap!

It's been a pleasure working along side you. The energy for young people shines brightly as does the passion for partnership work. 

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