The History


  • We have our very first virtual Christmas party

  • HeadSpace STILL going strong

  • Our detached street work project OutThere flourishes

  • Restrictions are lifted and our drop-in moves in doors to outdoors and VENUE outside is born

  • Everything moves online... The team discover zoom and The gap* social media takes off



  • David leaves the gap* after 9 years and Zabrina steps up

  • 2020 brings another youth vision meeting

  • Headspace still going strong



  • The gap* team grows as Andrew joins as youth worker and Aimie and Anne join as volunteers

  • The gap* hosted their Thank You meal for all supporters

  • Joe joins us as a volunteer

  • Zabrina and Laura run The Great Midlands Fun Run 

  • First Youth Vision meeting was held


  • Zabrina begins full time working for the gap*

  • Laura joins gap* as youth worker

  • Rob and Adele leave the gap* for pastures new

  • Zabrina, Rob and team run The Great Midlands Fun Run to fundraise

  • The gap* celebrates 10 year anniversary

  • The gap* works with the Anna Freud Mental Health Project

  • The gap* is nominated for a Youth Work Award!




  • Zabrina joins the team as Senior Youth Worker!

  • Hannah felt called to work with young people elsewhere.

  • The gap* Studio is re-launched!

  • Rob Jones joins The Gap* as detached youth worker.

  • AdaptED (functional education project) is launched.

  • Hosted our first gap* fundraiser quiz night.

  • With funding, Headspace (mental health support project) was launched. 

  • Funding received for the refurbishment of 'The Studio'.

  • First gap* Supporters Meal held which is now a annual event.






  • A large grant allowed The Venue to have a major refurbishment

  • Hannah Hughes was brought on-board as the senior Youth Worker.

  • Volunteers and drop-in visitors were taken, as part of a mission team, to work with children in Romania

  • David set about restructuring the organisation.

  • Steve Silverton stepped down as CEO and trustee.

  • David then took on the role of project manager.

  • David West-Mullen was approached to take on a pastoral role.

  • Charlie Clayton and his wife felt called to work elsewhere.

  • The gap* was originally founded by Charlie Clayton and Steve Silverton.