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Our Volunteers are legends and we are always looking for more. We wouldn't be able to do all that we do without the amazing work and support of our volunteer team. There are different ways in which you can volunteer for us at The gap*. We offer all the training that is required and we put all volunteers through the DBS process.
Venue Volunteer
Venue is our drop in that happens on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 3:30pm - 5:30pm. We are an open space for young people to come hang out and chat. You have to be 16+ to volunteer and available for at least one session a fortnight as it's really important to be consistent when building relationships with the young people.  
Adapted Volunteer
AdaptED is our new education project that is supporting young people get to the next stage of their education or job. We are looking for volunteers to help tutor young people to an entry level 3 so they are able to apply for apprenticeships and college courses. This, of course, requires a level of experience in this line of work.
Headspace Volunteer
Headspace is a project supporting young people with their mental health by offering one to one support by trained volunteers. We will provide you with the training that is needed and we work with young people in and out of school times. This is a growing issue for young people and we are in need of more volunteers for this project to be able to reach the young people who need this support.
Please fill in the form below if you would like to enquire about becoming a gap* volunteer.  In the message state which area you are interested in.

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